Where can I find a reliable flange manufacturer?

In the procurement of pipe flange projects, we are always looking for a reliable flange manufacturer. Today we recommend a reliable flange manufacturer from Hebei, China.

The reliable flange manufacturer recommended today is from Hebei Province, China, which is famous for its manufacturing industry. It is named YanHao Flange. The reliability of YanHao is mainly reflected in the following aspects, and let us analyze it for you in detail.

1. Advantages of flange industrial base

Anyone who knows flanges knows that Mengcun, Hebei, China is the flange industry base in China. There are many flange manufacturers gathered here, so flanges have been produced on a large scale here, and all resources can be shared. , has a great advantage in origin, and the YanHao flange factory is located in Mengcun, Hebei Province, so we also have the advantages here.

2. Rich experience in flange production

YanHao has been a flange manufacturer for many years. We have thousands of customers and hundreds of project experience. In production, we are checked by specialized technical personnel with many years of production experience. You must know that sometimes experience is far better than Technology is more important, so to choose YanHao is to choose a reliable flange manufacturer with many years of production experience.

3. Flange raw materials are guaranteed

In order to ensure the quality of the finished product of the flange, we have strictly screened the raw materials. We choose the real high-quality steel from Shanghai Baosteel. The suppliers we cooperate with are also reliable and well-known brand suppliers in the steel industry. Reliability, let everyone rest assured.

4. Reliable flange production process

In terms of production, we have 8 modern pipe fitting production lines and 5 flange production lines. Using modern technology can ensure the production of high-quality flange products of various specifications and models.

The production process flow is as follows: ingots and round bars – chemical element analysis – band saw cutting – forging – heat treatment – ​​inspection – blank inventory – lathe – deep hole drilling – inspection – – marking – packaging in plywood.

5. Flange production equipment

We have blanking machines, forging hammers, presses, flange molds, heat treatment furnaces, machining lathes, high-speed drilling machines, marking typewriters and a full set of intermediate frequency elbow hot pushers, reducer hot die presses, tee cold Extrusion presses, forging hammers, vertical lathes, drilling machines, etc. for the production of elbow flange pipe fittings, and machining equipment, including large-diameter medium-frequency hydraulic pusher of Φ1020mm, large-diameter medium-frequency simmering machine of Φ1420mm, Φ2438 four thousand tons of large heat The annual production capacity of die presses is more than 80,000 tons.

6. Flange quality testing equipment system is perfect

Our equipment includes a direct reading spectrometer, hydrostatic testing machine, X-ray flaw detector, UI ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detector, etc. Each product has its own quality certificate and can also be tested by a third party.

7. Various flange models are available in stock

Various standard types of slip-on flanges, welding neck flanges, threaded flanges, socket welding flanges, lap joint flanges, and blind flanges are regularly stocked in large quantities to ensure fast delivery, and there is no need to worry about unconventional models. We have a large number of Raw materials stocked, saving the time of purchasing raw materials and delivering them in a short time.

8. After-sales service is guaranteed

The sales in YanHao are just the beginning. We provide a complete after-sales service guarantee system. If you have any questions in use, you can contact us for consultation, and we will try our best to give you satisfactory answers and solutions!

This is the reliable flange manufacturer we are going to recommend to you today – YanHao. The above eight aspects are enough to prove that YanHao is a reliable flange manufacturer that can make you feel at ease!

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